About us

Who We Are

Pickles Lab started with the passion of helping people out there to be digitally & technologically occupied to ease their day to day work. It is focused mainly on the business sector. Apart from that it helps each and every individual to perform their activities to outsmart in the society.

Pickles Lab Inc is a digital agency which provides services related to production in Sri Lanka. With the better understanding of the evolving requirement of our clients as well as in the business world we were able to complete many projects successfully.Here we focus tirelessly on increasing business results through modern technology-based digital solutions. We help clients find ways to succeed in the current venture environment.

We provide comprehensive digital marketing solutions including Web Design & Development, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Brand Development, Video Production, Creative Design.

Creative Design

Quality design is more than your imagination. We create solutions and comfort in mind. Elegant designs that fit the strategy and improve results. We strive with you to adapt the extremely creative designs to your needs and purposes and to ensure that your designs are one that you are satisfied with. Contact us!

Video Production

Pickles Lab simply offers you the potential of experienced video producers. Our experienced and competent creatives are experts in their work and can develop perfect visual content to make money for your company. Fantastic and wonderful content was created for your video content. Use unlimited footage!

Web Design & Development

The website is usually your exclusive opportunity for a good reflection when someone discovers you online. We design and develop SEO-friendly, advanced, newest, synergistic and flexible user-centric websites that offer your business immense advertising. So if you are looking for a number of creatives to design your website, contact us, hurry up!

Social Media Marketing

Most online companies skip the real benefit that social media offers. Our social media marketing campaigns are designed with top origins and restrictions in mind to ensure that your target audience is relocated to the community and continually committed to a brand that gives them additional quality and enthusiasm for the launch point of the network.